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Valve types 4WRZ are 4 way valves operated by means of proportional solenoids. They control the direction and flow rate of hydraulic fluid. They basically consist of the pilot valve, the main valve with the main spool, and the centering spring.
If solenoid "B" is energized, pilot spool is moved to the right.Pilot oil is then either fed internally from port P, or "externally" from port X via the pilot valve into the pressure chamber and moves the main spool a distance proportional to the strength of the electrical current. The throttling grooves in the main spool open progressively with increasing current, thus controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid to the actuator ports.
When the electrical signal is switched off, both the pilot spool, and the main spool return to neutral independent of the control pressure supply. An emergency hand operator permits movement of the pilot spool position without energizing the solenoids.

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